€ 15.- /month*



+ € 20.- /month*

*per website


+ € 5.- /month*

*per website + € 180.- setup


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is web hosting?

If you want to make your website accessible to your visitors, you need web hosting. Web hosting is the space on a server on which your website can place files such as images and database. With web hosting you actually rent a piece of web space on a large computer (server). It is always connected to the internet and is always on. This server can be reached via an IP address that can be linked to your domain name.

Data traffic is the total amount of data consumed by visiting a website or sending an e-mail. When someone visits your website, that person downloads files (data) to his or her computer to view it. The more often your website is visited, the more data your website will send.

That depends on the number of visitors and the space required to host website files such as images and database. If you have no idea, you can start with a small package and upgrade later without effort!

The Solitweb servers are located in Europe. More specifically in the BIT data center in Ede (The Netherlands) and Evoswitch in Haarlem (The Netherlands). The main reason we chose these data centers is their network speed, capacity and quality. In addition, both data centers have a high reputation, are excellently developed on all possible fronts and use green electricity!

WordPress updates are important to reduce security risks and better protect your website from hackers. You also get access to new and improved features.